Esmeralda van Rensburg – Matters of the Heart

As I stand, looking back on the past 4 years of my life, I could never have dreamed to be where I am today, to have 80% of my capacity back, to be able to walk, to write, to love, to honor, to dream, to build relationships, to laugh, to have a hope and a […]

My Story of Hope

I have often asked myself which is harder to live with: a structural/functional defect of the heart, or a spiritual/emotional defect? But I’ve realised that God knows exactly which battles each person will be able to fight – and still walk out victoriously in the end. I was a very anxious child. My panic attacks […]

Christine Bornman

The heart is embedded with so many emotions and beliefs. You fear, you love, you laugh, you cry, you experience joy and anger, you believe truth or lies – all with your heart. It carries so many things and as Scripture says, “for everything you do flows from it”.  Sometimes words pierce straight through your […]