HeartCity@25 is excited to deliver Mobile care services to both the elderly as well as patients across South Africa.  Heartcity@25 is a privately registered company that was founded in 2017 on the foundation of passion, purpose and calling towards improving patient care, whether primary-, secondary- or tertiary and ensuring that, not only patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, but all patients entering the doors of the HeartCity@25 house will have the opportunity and the voice to be the best version of themselves they could possibly be.  With a strong research background and ethical value system we aim to optimize the current medical frameworks and referral systems towards the lifelong care of all patients.

Since March 2020 South Africa has been faced with the outbreak of a worldwide pandemic called COVID-19, the Coronavirus.  One of the very important aspects to maintaining good health is good hygiene and personal care.

Since the first publication of the Government Gazette on COVID-19 on 25 March 2020, No.11062 Vol. 657, Nr 43148, Heartcity@25 formed part of the essential services to be conducted to all South Africans in need.  Care Services to the below listed population groups form part of essential medical services for which HeartCity@25 has a legal permit to conduct such services.  Care services involves personal care and – hygiene.

Personal care and – hygiene refers to several basic elements forming part of the care practices of every person, in particular the elderly, children, patients presenting with a mental illness, persons with disabilities (both temporary and permanent disabilities) and every patient affected by an acute or chronic condition. Personal care- and hygiene not only keeps the body clean but also aids in the prevention of disease and inhibits and prevents the spreading of germs.

The following elements form part of the strategy to optimize personal care and – hygiene

  • Hair care (Washing, blow-drying and cutting only tips of hair where needed)
  • Grooming (Fingernail and Toenail care) – Cleaning and trimming nails
  • Foot care
  • Genital Care and Perineal care (Including bath- and shower safety)
  • Dental Care and Oral hygiene

Personal care and – Hygiene have the following benefits

  • Optimizes overall health and wellbeing
  • Prevents the spreading of germs
  • Assist in emotional wellbeing and -safety
  • Improves Psychological health and wellbeing

With all social distancing restrictions applied, our medical practice would meet the basic needs discussed above and provide care services in order to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the following population groups:

  • The elderly (above the age of 55)
  • Children
  • The disabled (temporary or permanent disabilities)
  • The sick

Heartcity@25 employs Care Service Practitioners, to aid us in this very important service to be delivered to the above-mentioned population groups.

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