HeartCity25 PuppetShow

We are excited to launch this very powerful and educational Puppet Show.

HeartCity@25 puppet show was created in collaboration with Swannie Swanevelder Puppet Shows, from Petrus Productions.
This is a mobile puppet show visiting nursery and primary schools in order to inform, educate and empower babies, toddlers and the younger Primary school generation on a healthy heart. 
Where is the heart situated inside the human body, how does it work, how can we contribute to its functioning. How do we keep it healthy and fit? All of these and more are topics being addressed through our puppet show.
The kids always leave with a happy and healthy heart
Heart Puppet Show: Launch Mid 2019
Flyer will be launched on the website as well as on social media once BOOKINGS are OPEN!
Let us know if you are interested by sending an email to: info@heartcity25.co.za 

Yes we do! Any venue that can host a mobile puppet show is a venue for us. Whether is be at a theatre, a school, a birthday party or at your local church

For costing contact us at info@heartcity25.co.za

It takes approximately 45-60 minutes to host the show
Yes, once you make a booking we will contact you and arrange an appropriate date to host our puppet show at your school

HeartCity25 in collaboration with Swannie Swanevelder

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For more information contact us at heartcitypuppets@heartcity25.co.za