Cardiovascular disease, which includes heart disease and stroke, is the leading cause of death worldwide, killing 17 million people annually.  It is also the leading cause of death in SA, following HIV/AIDS.  It claims more lives than all cancers combined.  Several dietary, lifestyle and developmental factors have contributed to the rise in Cardiovascular deaths recently.  Diets rich in kilojoules, sugar and processed foods, containing less fruits and vegetables.  Physical inactivity, tobacco smoking and vaping, stressful lifestyles and a society not educated adequately on the risk factors involved with Cardiovascular disease and maintenance of their own personal health and related contributing factors playing a role in the rise of cardiovascular disease and related deaths – results in a steady but sudden increase in deaths from cardiovascular disease.

Our vision comprises that of Prevention and Rehabilitation and was birthed from personal experience and clinical practice.  Our aim is to establish an interdisciplinary model for the prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular disease globally.  Automatic referral for all patients suffering from cardiovascular disease, those who had undergone both major and minor heart surgery, those not yet ‘eligible’ for surgery and those who has to live with a cardiovascular condition, all can benefit from our program offering cardiovascular rehabilitation and prevention strategies.  Our heart is for rehabilitation services to be available to patients both near and those far from cardiovascular rehabilitation units, therefore we are working to make this model available to all patients through our App development program.

Our network of preventative strategies targeting both medical but also corporate establishments aim to deliver the message of prevention in new and innovative ways to enhance public involvement and active participation among patients.

Focus Areas:

  1. Exercise
  2. Diet
  3. Back and Neck Health
  4. Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system function
  5. The Anatomy of Breathing
  6. Muscular stability and mobility
  7. Cellular Health
  8. Cholesterol, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and related risk factors
  9. Psychological Health
  10. Counselling and Social Support