HeartCity Testimony

As I stand, looking back on the past 4 years of my life, I could never have dreamed to be where I am today, to have 80% of my capacity back, to be able to walk, to write, to love, to honor, to dream, to build relationships, to laugh, to have a hope and a future.  As children of God we often expect to be blessed, we expect to be showered unconditionally with the blessings from heaven, every single day, not mindful as such to the specifics of the blessing, not allowing the Lord to reveal His mind and His character to us.

We chase what we think true and we value what we esteem most, we build a house with rooms and corridors, we paint it, decorate it, in a way that makes sense to us.  So often though, the sense and sensibility, what our mind is able to understand and comprehend is not how He sees and what He dreams.  He know the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end.  Jesus was crushed, bruised and wounded for us.  He decided to be born once again into human flesh, in order for us to obtain an eternal glory, a far better life, an eternal one.  He sacrificed and He suffered for us.  And after suffering for a while, He obtained the eternal glory that was bestowed upon Him since the beginning of time.  He knew of this glory while living in the flesh.  I sometimes think to myself: “He must have been very frustrated and agitated at times, living in fleshly nature, while being completely in control, while being 100% God, at the same time.  The degree to which He was crushed, is the degree to which He stepped into the authority and ownership of the Father, seated in a heavenly place.  Being forever present and never changing.


More coming soon…..