Heartcity will be taking a 'hiatus' for the next season.

During the walk of life we do not often allow ourselves the time and energy to take a 'hiatus'.
Hiatus: 'A pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity'.
The passion and testimony of what we do will continue to set the flame ablaze everyday.
We will always strive to improve health care and its delivery to every patient entitled to the best possible care!
Whether it be through primary consultations, food delivery, flower delivery, support groups, exercise groups or rest. We aim to achieve all that we were set out to do and called for.
We will continue to expand our patient support network during this period so please visit our website regularly for news and updates on how to better support every patient through various ways.
Never hesitate to contact us for more info on our mission and practice.
We will be using this time to focus on research and continue to build the backbone of our organization which involves amongst other things, patient support and improved care.
Heartcity-Healing, Health and Restoration