Esmeralda van Rensburg – Matters of the Heart

As I stand, looking back on the past 4 years of my life, I could never have dreamed to be where I am today, to have 80% of my capacity back, to be able to walk, to write, to love, to honor, to dream, to build relationships, to laugh, to have a hope and a future.  As children of God we often expect to be blessed, we expect to be showered unconditionally with the blessings from heaven, every single day, not mindful as such to the specifics of the blessing, not allowing the Lord to reveal His mind and His character to us.

We chase what we think true and we value what we esteem most, we build a house with rooms and corridors, we paint it, decorate it, in a way that makes sense to us.  So often though, the sense and sensibility, what our mind is able to understand and comprehend is not how He sees and what He dreams.  He know the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end.  Jesus was crushed, bruised and wounded for us.  He decided to be born once again into human flesh, in order for us to obtain an eternal glory, a far better life, an eternal one.  He sacrificed and He suffered for us.  And after suffering for a while, He obtained the eternal glory that was bestowed upon Him since the beginning of time.  He knew of this glory while living in the flesh.  I sometimes think to myself: “He must have been very frustrated and agitated at times, living in fleshly nature, while being completely in control, while being 100% God, at the same time.  The degree to which He was crushed, is the degree to which He stepped into the authority and ownership of the Father, seated in a heavenly place.  Being forever present and never changing.

Do we allow ourselves to be crushed?  Do we allow ourselves enough time to pause and contemplate where we are?  Do we enjoy the process of crushing?…”No!”.  Do we need it? “Yes!”

Because it is in the crushing that the oil is released, the new wine is brought forth.  The word says that it is the “anointing oil that breaks the yoke”.  It is only through the oil that we receive the complete and free gift of eternal freedom and life!

This is my testimony, it is a testimony of crushing, it is a testimony of finding new life, not the life that I have planned out and contemplated on for years on end, but the life that He dreamed over me, the promises He made since childhood and as I search through the map He gives, not monthly or weekly, but daily, I find the missing pieces that make up who I am.  That calls forth my inner being, my calling, my service.  I have felt my beating heart accelerating me, stopping me, making me feel nauseas, limiting my capacity, giving me direction.  I have come to know its inner chambers once again.  I have searched through its passages that provides both the physical but also leads through the spiritual, the emotional.  I now life through the heart and I serve others by it.

Today is also the launch of the book containing this great testimony, not for and of myself, but a testimony that reminds us all that God lives, He knows, and He will forever stay in control!  No matter how much we are confronted with sickness, with disease, with despair or with death.  He stays in control and He is able to make all things work together for the good of those who are called according to His purpose.  I celebrate my life today, I celebrate Heartcity@25 today, birthed from the road less travelled, having its origin in the same pain that others face.  I believe I had to endure not for myself, but for Him and for others.

For every patient that will ever attend to any service by HeartCity@25, whether rehabilitative or preventative, whether visiting the grounds of HeartCity@25 or serving in the online community.  To every medical study that will be conducted on the grounds of HeartCity@25.  To every doctor that will refer a patient for medical care.  For every family member that will find comfort in knowing we care, in knowing we really know the road less travelled by heart.  To everyone that have supported me in this journey, from where I had to learn to walk and write again, to where I had to learn the ropes of registering this company.  To my husband, my daughter, my dad, my mom and my family!

This is for you, This was called to life for you and because of you.  We have all been made a part of a Kingdom vision, here on earth.  A vision that seeks to take the hand of every heart patient across the globe, supporting them in any way we can, assisting them through medical care or support and encouragement in any way possible.  The Vision of HeartCity@25 is not a vision for self, but a vision for Kingdom, a vision for others, a vision of and for the King of Kings!

Get your copy today and share in the birth of something very special and significant, something truly amazing, a matter of the heart.

“In taking hands with the Master Creator, we will grow and learn of the rhythm that sustains our souls and our hearts, a rhythm designed to both pace and relieve, a construct created to both serve and give, it is only when we see ourselves as we are, our needs and failures, our joys and celebrations, through the lens of the areas we live in and through, that we realize He loves us all the more and commits to us all the same, ready to save, patient to listen and asking to say what we need to hear, building on a relationship already there, already provided for but longing to have its life in what we do, how we say and when we think.  Yesterday, today and forever will our heart of hearts, in and through every area of life itself, long for the deeper intimacy, the realm in which all can be accessed and most can be known, the realm we enter when we yield and surrender it all, only to hear one spoken word of the Father and feel one inch of His touch, the realm where nothing is impossible and all remains possible, we were designed to live there, we were created to breathe there and let the reality of Him become more pronounced, more understood and more tangible than the one we place foot on, because only when we find that reality, when we seek to know its deepest desires and truths will be desire to live forever and will the fight never seem too hard, too tough or too long, everything will be measured against the reality where He is present and fear is absent.  The reality our heart provides and ushers us into.

Let the fear of past, the unknown of future and the complications of present, all not be remembered as we break the chains that holds us in bondage, removes us from the access we have to the Father’s voice, the access we have to our purpose and design, the access we have to His unconditional, relentless love and let us run this race with endurance and fierce commitment to the cause we were called to exalt, the answers we were created to give and the Person we were designed to love, Jesus!  And may the melody of our hearts provide us with a chamber to explore and a place to rest as we grapple with the things that makes no sense at times, because in these and only these will we find the answers not to the obvious, but to the necessary to sustain life, love and relationship, the things that matters, the matters of the heart.” Matters of the Heart

Warmest Heart Regards

Esmeralda van Rensburg

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